Tuesday, March 06, 2007

J.P. Morgan is largest U.S. hedge-fund firm

add to this that the investment banks like goldman are already "hidden" hedge funds. the trading makes up the most profit (by a wide margin......)

bedenkt man hierzu noch das investmentbanken wie goldman eh schon verkappte hedge fonds sind die den großteil ihrer gewinne aus trading und nicht bankgeschäften generiert.....
investmentbanking and asset management just over 10 b$
and trading and principal investment well over 24 b$!


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.'s asset-management unit has become the largest hedge-fund firm in the United States,

J.P. Morgan Asset Management , which includes Highbridge Capital, oversees $34 billion in hedge-fund assets, up 74% from last year, Absolute Return said.

Goldman Sachs Group , which was the largest last year, ranked second with $32.53 billion in hedge-fund assets. That's up 48% from a year ago, the magazine added.

Bridgewater Associates was third, with $30.2 billion, an increase of 47%. D.E. Shaw Group was fourth with $26.3 billion, and Farallon Capital Management was fifth with $26.2 billion, Absolute Return reported.
As more institutions invest in hedge funds, they're favoring the largest firms in the business, which often have the infrastructure to handle lots of new money quickly. That's meant that the biggest firms have become even bigger.

The top 20 firms now control $386 billion, or nearly one-third of hedge-fund assets surveyed.

There are now 76 hedge-fund firms that manage at least $5 billion, Absolute Return added.

Top 10 U.S. hedge-fund firmsAssets under management (in billions)
J.P. Morgan Asset Management$34
Goldman Sachs Asset Management $32.53
Bridgewater Associates$30.20
D.E. Shaw Group$26.30
Farallon Capital Management $26.20
Renaissance Technologies Corp. $24
Och-Ziff Capital Management$21
Cerberus Capital Management$19.15
Barclays Global Investors $18.90
ESL Investments$18 (estimated)

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