Wednesday, January 31, 2007

timeless...The way to grow poor. The way to grow rich..

could be also from 2007. amazing isn´t it.........

das könnte auch aus dem jahr 2007 stammen, oder.......?

"The way to grow poor. The way to grow rich"

Lithograph by Currier & Ives, 1875. from Pictorial Americana ( click on the headline for more historic or timesless images)


but this phenomenon is spread around the globe. just watch the headline from china today

diese thematik liegt wohl in der natur des menschen und ist nicht regional begrenzt. man beachte nur die heutige news aus china.

"China's Stocks Tumble Most in 21 Months"

China's stocks tumbled the most in at least 21 months after lawmaker Cheng Siwei said the country's shares are overvalued, fueling speculation the government will step up efforts to keep funds from flowing into the market....``Concern is mounting that the government will intervene to pop the bubble.''

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