Monday, January 29, 2007

us homeowner vacancy rate

after this construction frenzy no wonder........ nach dem bauwahn kein wunder..........

The number of vacant homes waiting to be sold surged 34% to 2.1 million at the end of 2006 compared with the end of 2005
The vacancy rate for owned units jumped to a record 2.7% from 2.0% a year earlier. From 1965 to 2005, the homeowner vacancy rate had never been above 2%
Homeownership rate unchanged near 69%
At the end of 2006, the firm clocked the national rental vacancy rate at 5.5%, up slightly from 2005's numbers.....

this glut should have an big impact on inflation. isn´t it ironic that the surge in houseprices didn´t have any effect on the upside in inflation ........thanks to the us is an excelent piece on the topic "owner equivalent rent" from tim "Home Ownership Costs and Core Inflation"

diese flut von immobililen wird einen massiven einfluß auf die inflationszahlen haben. komisch nur das während des booms der effekt kein effekt auf der plusseite vorhanden (bitte link oben lesen)war.... so sind sie halt..die us statistiken... wie auch bei den substitutionen hier im cartoon
with the owner equivalent rent making up over 40% of the cpi number one can imagine the effect on the "phony" inflation number. add to this others creative measures of inflation like the "substitutes" ............. and then you know that you can trust the official numbers........

da die miete (oder genauer gesagt die gefühlte miete) 40% des inflationskorbes ausmacht dürfte hier in nächster zeit ein gewaltiger entlastender effekt auf die (in der berechnung lachhaften) inflationszahlen zukommen. dürfte anlass für die fed sein die zinsen zu senken.

Expenditure category
Food and beverages 15.7
Housing 40.9
Apparel 4.4
Transportation 17.1
Medical care 5.8
Recreation 6.0
Education/communication 5.8
Other goods & services 4.3
Total, all items 100.0

more on this topic from mish, calculated risk and mike larson

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