Wednesday, February 28, 2007

some charts from yesterday.......and some cartoons

i think it is safe to say that this cartoons is now officially outdated.... we have now moved to the sell side.....but i have to wait for cohen, cramer, battapaglia etc to confirm this.............. :-)

denke das dieser cartoon seit gestern ausgedient hat.---- wir sind wohl jetzt zu der verkäuferseite gewechselt... wir hier müssen aber wohl auf all die daueroptimisten speziell auch in der presse warten um das zu bestätigen (kann nicht alle aufzählen).....

i think this one is also outdated.......the bear has entered the stage........

here now the facts: europe and asia have extended their slump today.

i especially like the opinion from bill cara on the sudden drop.

At 3:00pm ET yesterday the Dow 30 index dropped about 200 points in literally seconds. There was commentary in the media that the trade data had fallen behind and that had caught up at that moment.

I believe otherwise.

Having been in the business at a high level, I believe a rational explanation is that margin calls were sent to under-margined accounts during the day. With one hour to go, the broker-dealers would take action by selling out accounts of under-margined clients that had not responded to demands.

here comes the response from dow jones:

System problem caused calculation lag Tuesday

maybe caused from too much liquidation going on....... :-) / evtl. zuviel verkaufsdruck.... :-)

update from

We all know by now that the sudden 200 point drop in the Dow yesterday was due to a calculation delay caused by information overload by Dow Jones' data systems. Below we calculate how the intraday price chart should have looked based on the actual price changes of the Dow's 30 components. As the chart shows, the calculations began to go awry a little after 1:30 pm and continued until the computers finally caught up at 3:00 pm (i leave it to the readers to judge this action.../macht euch selber einen reim darauf......)


this is what to be expected. but i think this time they need to clone van gogh and michelangelo...........

hier kommt wohl was wir jetzt zu erwarten haben. denke aber das dieses mal ne verbindung von van gogh und micheangelo nötig sein wird......

and on top of this the "spin doctors" / dazu wohl auch noch die "spin doctors" :-)

more graphs etc here from barry ritholtz

and mish!

both very good!

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