Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"33 Great Ways To Save Money" .... UK Yellow Press On CPI / Credit Crunch

No Kidding! The piece from the SUN ( yellow press ) in the UK is no satire ! Things must be really ugly ....... I´m not sure if this is qualifying for a contrary indicator / cover story indicator ( like this one ) regarding the inflation debate but when you read the follwoing advice in relation with mayonnaise i assume we are nearer the CPI top than most peolple think.... On the other hand i´m very very confident that the same is not true for the credit crunch in the UK !

Kein Witz! Diese Geschichte in der SUN ( britische Gegenstück zur Bildzeitung ) ist in keiner Weise satirisch oder ironisch gemeint. Scheint momentan nicht nur wegen der verpaßten EM ziemlich ungemütlich zu sein.... :-) Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob diese Berichterstattung bereits ausreicht um als Kontraindikator ( siehe dieses Beispiel herzuhalten. Bei Betrachtung des nachfolgenden Vorschlages könnte man alledrings zu dem Schluß kommen das die Konsumentenpreisinflation demnächst Ihren Höhepunkt gesehen hat...... Für den gerade erst angefangegen Credit Crunch in UK gilt das allerdings auf keinen Fall. Hier hat der Spaß sicher gerade erst begonnen......

21. Mayonnaise is a fine hair conditioner, adding shine.

Give hairdressers the brush off if you want blonde highlights — just brush lemon juice into your barnet and let it dry in the sun.

I think it´s difficult for the BOE & other central banks to claim that are still in control over "inflation expectations" ( see Real Cost of Living Index (RCLI) is rising at 9.5 per cent. via Barry Ritholtz ) ........Disclosure : I´m with Mish´s definition on Inflation ( see Inflation: What the heck is it? )

Der ständige Hinweis das die Notenbänker immer noch Kontrolle über die Inflationserwartungen haben klingt allerding von Tat zu tag lächerlicher ( siehe auch Real Cost of Living Index (RCLI) is rising at 9.5 per cent. via Barry Ritholtz ) ..... Hinweis : Bekanntermaßen sehe ich die Definition von Inflation wie Mish ( siehe Inflation: What the heck is it? )

The SUN THE credit crunch is biting but you can ease the squeeze if you take a few simple steps.

Here Sun cheapskate TIM SPANTON shares his expertise, with 33 great ways to save money now that prices are rising at 3.3 per cent, the highest rate for more than ten years.

But be warned – there are some tips here even miserly Ebenezer Scrooge might be ashamed of taking up.

Remember, if you’re feeling the pinch, laughter is the best medicine – and it’s FREE.

1. Use banana skins to clean your shoes. The inside of the skins contains potassium, a key ingredient in commercial polishes.

Finish off with a soft cloth. Oils in the banana will even enrich the leather in your shoes and help them last longer.

2. Collect old slivers of soap and squeeze them together to make a new bar.

3. Never buy the first round in a pub. If you go drinking once a week and always get to the bar first you will end up buying dozens more rounds more a year than a person who always buys the fourth round.

This is because drinking sessions often end after an odd number of rounds. .....

8. Buy postage stamps in bulk, before the prices go up, which we all know they will. .....

14. Mix milk with equal amounts of water to go on your breakfast cereal. You will soon get used to it. The slight difference in taste is very small and soon won’t be detected at all.

15. Watch telly in bed in the dark. You’ll save on heating and lighting costs and if there’s a sexy show on, you might even get a bonus cuddle from your partner.

18. Get off a stop early if you commute by bus or Tube to save cash. ....

24. Buy Christmas presents in the sales after the holidays and keep for a year.

27. Shower instead of bathing. To save even more, shower with a friend.

>If you don´t believe me that this is not an ironic piece from the SUNn click the link and read the entire link... There are lots of suggestions that do make sense and are less "exotic".

> Wer mir nicht glaubt das dieser "Ratgeber" ernst gemeint ist sollte zur Kontrolle den kompletten Link lesen .... Dort finden sich in der Tat etliche Hinweise die hilfreich und weniger "skuril" sind.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, some of those suggestions do make sense, like borrowing books from your local library. Or using tap water instead of bottled water.

1:04 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin Anon,

i agree. I have updated the post.

1:11 AM  

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