Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another LBO Deal Bites The Dust....

Looks like Ceberus and others that just a few month ago saw the golden era of private equity are trying to back out of as many deals they have made during the latest quarter of this period. Thank god that Ceberus had forced Daimler only to a few more concessions..... Mish once called the mania "Buyout Bingo". It has worked fine on the upside.....

Sieht ganz so aus als wenn Cebrus & Co die noch vor wenigen Monaten einie goldene Ära für Ihre Branche gesehen haben wollen momentan alles mögliche Versuchen um aus Ihren Kaufverträgen auszusteigen. Zum Glück hat Ceberus Daimer beim Chryslerkauf nur zu Nachbesserungen gezwungen.... Mish hat das ganze mal sehr treffend als "Buyout Bingo" beschrieben. Auf dem Weg nach oben eine tolle Geschichte.....

Cerberus abandons $7bn deal as Alltel founders
Cerberus Capital Management has pulled out of its $7bn deal to buy United Rentals, making the planned private equity takeover of the world’s largest equipment lender the latest casualty of the credit squeeze.

The news sent the company’s shares plunging 30% to $23.76. Cerberus had agreed in July to pay $34.50 per share. United Rentals said Cerberus’ action was “unwarranted and incompatible with the covenants of the merger agreement”.

Amid fresh concerns over the ability of private equity groups to fund LBO deals, bankers for TPG and Goldman Sachs were on Wednesday struggling to find investors for loans funding the $27bn buy-out of Alltel, the US wireless carrier. The underwriters reduced the size of the loan package to $4.89bn from $6bn and increased the discount on the issue to 96 cents on the dollar from 97.5 cents.

More trouble for Ceberus.... This deal was done during the past 2 yaers close to the paek of the housing market.....

Hier kommt weiteres Ungemach auf Ceberus zu..... Dieser Deal wurde binnen der letzten 2 Jahre auf dem Peak des Immobubbles abgewickelt.....

GMAC Unit Poses Challenge to Cerberus

The troubles concern GMAC's Residential Capital LLC, once a big source of profit but now burdened with a portfolio of loans rapidly declining in value. That has put the unit, known as ResCap, in danger of violating terms of loan agreements, triggering concerns that its lenders will demand immediate payment or force the unit into bankruptcy protection if GMAC or its owners don't step in with an equity

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Citigroup Punished in First Bond Sale Since Subprime Writedowns

Citigroup yesterday sold $4 billion of 10-year notes at the highest yield relative to benchmark interest rates in the bank's history, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The 6.125 percent securities yield 190 basis points more than Treasuries of similar maturity, up from 118 basis points, or 1.18 percentage points, in a similar offering by New York-based Citigroup three months ago.


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