Monday, August 27, 2007

Internet Index vs Housing Bubble Bellwether Index

The Housing Bubble Bellwether Index sits very near recent lows and the shape of the decline over past weeks rivals the dot-com bust of the late 1990s. On the back of market nervousness, the outlook for housing remains bleak . There appears to be no rest in sight for builders as they continue to experience high inventory levels, poor buyer interest and woes in the subprime mortgage industry. We will be watching this key index closely as further weakness could significantly increase the odds of a recession.

Thanks to Jim Stach from Investech!

Bespoke has another chart.....
The Homebuilders went up more during their bubble than the Nasdaq did during its bubble. When the Homebuilders peaked on July 20th, 2005, they were up 964% since March of 2000.

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