Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Builders Laugh at Paulson? / Greenberg

should be no surprise....i´m laughing almost on a a daily basis when i hear or read official comments/ can stand this stuff way to often only with humor.... by the way the last few years i laughed about every comment that came from the builders themselves.....compared to them is paulson harmless......even when he looks.....

sollten keine wirklich überraschen...teilweise sind die kommentare und veräffnetlichungen nbur noch mit ne guten prise h7umor zu ertragen. im übrigen habe ich bei 99% aller kommentare der "builder" ebenfalls laut gelacht. dagegen ist paulson harmlos.......

Recent comments by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson that the housing slump is largely contained apparently didn't get lost on builders. As the story goes, CSFB analyst Ivy Zelman told her company's sales force today that builders attending the Builder 100 Conference in San Diego laughed when the comments were mentioned as if Paulson didn't know what he was talking about.

How did I hear? From a legitimate and well-regarded trader who heard it directly from his Credit Suisse broker after Zelman reportedly broadcast the story on the Credit Suisse Squawk Box. Zelman hasn't returned my call.

And this note: If you, too, were called by Credit Suisse -- or if the story wasn't quite the way I told it, please let me know!

hat tip to P'cola Popper!

here is an interview from Paulson via the exlennet BNN / Papermoney

“That correction has now been significant, we think it is near the bottom, it will take a while to work its way through the system.” Unfortunately, Paulson only reiterates the same guidance he offered last year prior to the housing market taking another major leg down

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