Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comparative Math Quizzes / Minyanville

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  • Subprime Woes Now Contained to Global Risk Appetites
  • Oh, By the Way, Heightened Global Risk Appetites Have Peaked
  • Subprime Woes Also Now Contained to Alt-A Mortgage Bonds
  • Subprime Woes Now Contained to Corporate Debt Too

as always excellent stuff!

A glance at two separate student questions reveals how much more advanced Chinese students are at mathematics than their counterparts in the UK, the BBC says.

The UK's Royal Society of Chemistry is offering a £500 prize to the first person to correctly answer a question used by Chinese education authorities to assess pre-entry students.

Below is the Chinese math question:

By comparison, below is a question set by an English university for first year students:

Finally, below is a question for fourth-year students at an American university:


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sample question set for pre-entry into Indian Institute of Technology

thanks to "stockoperator" !

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