Monday, April 09, 2007

an autopsy on the march jobs report / northern trust - kasriel (pdf)

here is a summary of comments on the surprising strong job numbers. i highly recommend to click on the headline to see what paul kasriel from northern trust has to say.

hier folgt ne zusammenfassung des letzten überraschend starken arbeitsmarktberichtes. ich empfehle unbedingt auf die überschrift zu klicken um zu sehen was paul kasriel von northern trust zu sagen hat.

he is digging into the numbers and after reading his report there are some more doubts that the numbers are as good as they looked at first glance.

er geht ins detail der daten und nachdem man sich seine sicht der dinge angesehen hat bestehen einige zweifel ob die lage wirklich entspannt ist

just one highlight from kasriel: / nur ein beispiel von kasriel

With so many people being employed in retailing at relatively low hourly earnings, I guess it is not surprising that there has been a sharp increase in folks working multiple part-time jobs now that their adjustable rate mortgages are resetting. Chart 7 shows that in March 2007 vs. year-ago, there was an 11.15% increase in people working multiple part-time jobs. more from


calculated risk

barry ritholtz

tim " the mess that greenspan made" iacono

morgan stanley

economic policy institute (epi)

thanks to epi and mish for the chart


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