Monday, January 08, 2007

30 minutes marc faber bloomberg video!

mark faber at its best. he covers almost every topic like housing, stocks, excess liquidity, gold, oil, $, soft commodities, inflation, asia ..... and the carry trade.

i think this video is worth watching every minute and offers far more value than the printed summary. all commercials has been cut out.

mark faber in hochform. er nimmt zu allen wichtigen fragen wie z.b. aktien, öl, gold, immobilien, liquidität, soft commodities, inflation, asien .....und dem carry trade stellung.

finde das dieses video es wert ist komplett gesehen zu werden und bietet weit mehr als die unten aufgreführte schriftliche zusammenfassung. alle werbepausen sind bereits eliminiert.

see the brilliant mark faber video

very short printed summary Global Markets Face `Severe Correction

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Anonymous bub said...

Thank you jmf Faber is a hoot!

But I have to ask. Does he have a ponytail? WTF?

Is that common in Europe?

3:30 PM  

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