Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"us current account deficit / kasriel !"

make sure you read the full piece . klick on the headline.

ihr solltete den ganzen bericht lesen (├╝berschrift anklicken)

What I found most interesting about the third quarter current account data was not that the U.S. deficit ran at a record annualized rate of $902.2 billion, nor that this represented 6.8% of nominal GDP, the second highest percentage since Q4:2005's 7.0%.
No, what I found most interesting was, as shown in Chart 1, that for the fourth consecutive quarter, the U.S. ran a deficit in the income account. That is, for the fourth consecutive quarter, the income earned on foreign assets owned by U.S. entities was less than the income earned on U.S. assets owned by foreign entities. As Chart 1 shows, in the past 45 years it was a rare occurrence for the U.S. income account to be in deficit. Prior to the most recent four quarters, a deficit in the income account has occurred only four other times since 1960.

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