Thursday, August 31, 2006

england / uk

denke das sich hier die letzt zienserhöhung der bank of england noch nicht niedergeschlagen hat.
wenn man sieht mit welchen mitteln gearbeitet wird um die preiese weiter auf diesem niveau zu halten kann man an einer hand abzählen das es hier bald zu ersten rückgängen kommen muß.

Nationwide survey shows U.K. house prices rose 0.8% in Aug

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- British building society Nationwide said Thursday that U.K. house prices rose 0.8% in August, bringing the annual growth rate to 6.6%. The pace of growth was unchanged from July, when annual house price inflation stood at 5.9%. The average price of a U.K. home now stands at 167,721 pounds (249.000€, 320.000$), the Society said, compared to 167,733 a month ago



Blogger GetStucco said...

If they did the math correctly, they would have calculated an annualized growth rate of

[(167,721/167,733)^12 - 1] X 100% = -0.09%,

not a rapid rate of decline, but not exactly a major incentive to jump on the “buy to let” bandwagon either.

5:42 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

i missed that.


6:53 AM  

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