Saturday, October 02, 2010

I´m Taking Another Break......

In the meantime make sure you give one of the best free avaiblable photo blog News Stories In Photographs a shot... You won´t be disapointed.....Take the Oktoberfest (40 photos total) as an example... I´ll be back when QE 3.0 has started... So the break won´t last longer than a few weeks ...;-) UPDATE: QE wars, Japan edition

Werde mal wieder eine Pause einlegen und mich wieder melden wenn QE 3.0 gestartet worden ist... Bei dem Tempo das die Notenbänker weltweit vorlegen dürfte die Pause also kaum weniger als ein paar Wochen betragen.... ;-) UPDATE: QE wars, Japan edition In der Zwischenzeit komme ich nicht daraum herum euch einen der besten Fotoblogs News Stories In Photographs ans Herz zu legen.... Nicht nur die Fotoserie zum Oktoberfest (40 photos total) ist mehr als gut gelungen...

Human landscapes in SW Florida (26 photos total)

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to a story by NPR's Planet Money team about "Toxie" a toxic asset they had purchased to follow and help tell the story of the recent financial meltdown. One of the mortgages in Toxie was on a home bought for investment in Bradenton, Florida, and the team took a look at housing in the area. Many homes there are empty and have been for years. Huge developments sit partially completed among densely built up neighborhoods and swampland. A guest stated that there were "enough housing lots in Charlotte County to last for more than 100 years". Boom and bust residential development has drastically affected parts of southwest Florida for decades now, and I spent some time (with the help of Google Earth), looking around the area. With permission from the fine folks at Google, here are a few glimpses at development in southwest Florida. (26 photos total)

section of a partially built residential project with only two houses in place, near Fort Myers, Florida. Map. (© Google)
A partially-developed community near Charlotte harbor, north of Fort Myers, Florida

Probably a "quiet" neighborhood......Click here to see the rest of some stunning images.....

Immerhin dürfte es in diesen Fällen nicht gerade häufig zu Nachbarschaftsstreitigkeiten kommen.....Bitte hier klicken um die restlichen zum Teil atemberaubenden Aufnahmen zu sehen.....


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