Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have A Nice Weekend

Posting will be light until Monday. I suggest to read The Great Private Equity Cash Robbery of 2007 from one of my favourite bloggers Jeff Matthews and the excellent summary from FT Alphaville on monolines The bond insurers, a $200bn problem and Wilbur Ross

Werde bis Anfang nächster Woche wohl nicht zum bloggen kommen. Kann bis dahin jedem wärmstens The Great Private Equity Cash Robbery of 2007 von einem meiner liebsten Blogger Jeff Matthews empfehlen sowie die erstklassige Zusammenfassung von FT Alphaville zum Thema der Anleiheversicherer The bond insurers, a $200bn problem and Wilbur Ross

Enjoy Cramer vs Santelli ! A must see!!

Here are some thoughts on the "stimulus plan"....

Nachfolgend ein paar Gedanken zum gefeierten Plan zur Stimulierung der US Wirtschaft.....

Thanks to John Darkow

Hat tip to Matt Davis

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Anonymous Barley said...

AU - spot hits all time high..continued power disruptions in SA will cause supply concerns.

Got more gold?

12:46 PM  
Blogger Ben Bittrolff said...

Bottom Line: The average Joe six pack is a baby boomer quickly running out of time. His single largest asset, his primary residence, is deflating rapidly. This single largest asset is also the primary collateral for his single largest liability. His balance sheet is rapidly deflating as all his assets, from his home to his equity portfolio, all simultaneously deflate while his debt outstanding may actually still be increasing. His debt servicing are costs not dropping, despite aggressive rate cuts, and may actually be rising. It has also become damn near impossible to refinance certain mortgages as easy credit evaporates. On top of that, Joe six pack should now be seriously concerned about his job security. So when a cheque for $300 to $1500 arrives in the mail, Joe six pack is not going to spend it on a $200 steak dinner or a new computer or on a vacation. Got it people?

More on the stimulous package: (


7:40 AM  
Anonymous eh said...

One for you J-M:

Saving Sears Doesn’t Look Easy Anymore

Mr. Lampert’s major use of cash has been to buy back Sears Holdings’ shares.

3:09 AM  
Anonymous eh said...

Und noch:

Hate to Spoil a Weekend, but ....

Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley’s former chief economist — he is now chairman of its Asia division — told me that private consumption in recent years amounted to 72 percent of gross domestic product, far higher than the 66 percent it had been just a few years before...David A. Rosenberg, the North American economist for Merrill Lynch and the author of a devastating report on the state of the economy, said, “When you look at private-sector debt that was over and above what can be explained by G.D.P., you are talking about $6.5 trillion beyond the economy’s capacity to handle that debt.” That debt will have to be either written off or paid back. People will have to stop spending, he said; they’ll have no other choice. “The problems are deep, widespread and intense,” he said.

3:16 AM  
Blogger jmf said...


one of the best parts is that eddie lampert and Sears have been long time favourites from Cramer....

I think that when Cramer will loose his freak show it could signal a turning point or the bottom.

It is very nice to see that long time skeptics like Roubini, Roach, Faber etc are now getting credit for their realistic view.

It´s too bad that other "experts" that are still flooding the screens and papers get away too easliy.

I would love to see a disclosure of their prior calls during the last 12 months....

11:04 PM  
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